I am on a mission to encourage people towards a healthier way of being - mentally, physically and spiritually.

I  want you to get to know your body better, to have fun, and let go of whatever is holding you back. 

I teach from a strong anatomical base and encourage students to take my teachings off the mat and into their lives.


Class schedule

Join me on the mat in Auckland or find me online to suit your own schedule.

Check out my schedule to find a studio near you or practice with me online.



Join me for my specified workshop offerings all over New Zealand.

I specialise in Neuroplasticity, Yoga for Vagal Tone, Strength & Mobility for Adaptability, Myofascial Release and Inversions. I also teach Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation and can offer this as a Workshop or short course.


Looking for something a little more bespoke?  I offer one-to-one classes to suit your needs.

Whether you are new to Yoga or recovering from injury I can cater to your needs.


" Kylie is one of the most amazing yoga teachers I have come across.

She is clearly very experienced and advanced in her yoga practice but makes anyone and everyone feel welcomed, comfortable and accepted in her classes and workshops, regardless of their ability. Kylie has taken a number of handstand workshops for my Motivate Me community, all of which has received great feedback. Thank you Kylie for being the shiny, smiley soul that you are. "


Makaia Carr
Founder of Motivate Me