R E S I L I E N C E (the ability to adapt to challenge) - @ OM Yoga Studio - 17th December

Fasica - a 3D web that surrounds every structure within the body and runs the full length of the body, is also dense with receptors. It is now called our 6th sense. When we are more in touch with our bodies and the sensations we feel (interoception), then we can improve our ability to adapt to life’s challenges improving our vagal tone.

In this workshop we will explore how stories, values and beliefs are stored within our fascia, how an adaptable body can lead to an adaptable mind. How neuroplasticity can be improved through yoga and how elements within the yoga practices such as pranayama and chanting can enhance vagal tone.

Come away with tools and techniques you can use in your own self practice to become more aware of how your mind influences your body and your body influences your mind.

Suitable for all levels.

12 till 2 pm.


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A journey through the fundamentals of the handstand including hand & arm placement, core strengthening, shoulder opening and set progressions to aid your handstand technique. 

We may even get you into the elusive press handstand!


60min, 90min or 2 hour workshops/privates available

Private classes from $100.  Groups from $200. 

Price will vary depending on length of session, travel time, number of participants.


HANDSTAND VINYASA - Tuesday 7pm @ Raw Yoga Auckland   

A chance to practice the fundamentals weekly, develop core and shoulder strength and put it into a flow.  Connect with like minded yogis and have fun in your handstand journey.


Inversion Progressions Next workshop coming ............

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Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy for the Modern Day Yogi - February 2020

Dive deeper into functional anatomy and common dysfunction for the shoulders, spine, knees and hips. Learn about skeletal variations, modifications, assessment protocols and how to work with private clients.

This is 50 hours towards +300hr Advanced Teacher Training with Om Yoga Studio. Students must already have their 200hr Teacher Training.

For registration and course outline click here Om Yoga Studio

Creative and Meaningful Sequencing

August 28th - September 1st

In this course you will develop the art of creative and meaningful sequencing to create purposeful and powerful practices for students and for yourself. As a teacher, it is important to not only understand how to sequence a class but the WHY behind it. Students will have a significantly more powerful experience on the mat when they are properly warmed physically, but also have the ability to experience a deeper purpose for their practice from a spiritual and philosophical perspective, when offered in an appropriate way that will give them something to take away and apply to their life off the mat. 50hr towards the 300hr RYT Advanced Training For more information go to Om Yoga Studio.

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+300Hr Advanced Training With Raw Yoga

If you already hold a 200hr RYT and wish to expand your teaching knowledge particularly in the field or trauma based yoga, anatomy and working with private clients, then join John, Nicole and I for the +300hr RYT with Raw Yoga.

For more information click here Raw Yoga

200Hr RYT With Raw Yoga

19th July - 17th November 2019.

I will be teaching the Anatomy and Asana components of this Teacher Training. For more information click here Raw Yoga.



A martial arts inspired yoga practice with an emphasis on a continual flow.  

 Workshops and classes run throughout NZ and privates are also available.

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